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  These are some of the gems that I have run accross.

1979 Turbo RS

1979 Capri Convertible - (Uber RARE third party conversion!)

1980 Capri RS Turbo

1982 White Magic - Why are these so scarce?

1982 Capri RS - Greg Clark's Car. 5.0 (replacement) Engine w/4Speed and original 2v Holley.  Factory AC, Power Door Locks, Premium Sound System. 

1983 Black Magic - Very rare car.  The only year for the bubble back black magic.

1983 Capri RS - Greg Clark's Car.
5.0 Engine w/4Speed 4v Holley.  Factory AC, Cruise Control, Power Door Locks, Sunroof.

1983 Capri RS

1983 Crimson Cat

1984 Capri RS - It may not be pretty but it appears VERY original.

1984 Capri RS

1985 Capri 5.0L - Very low mileage car.

1986 Capri 5.0L - Not a bad example.  A couple of things off here and there.

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