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Got most of the interior squared away.  Got the rear end leak fixed. Got the oil leak fixed.  Got the mechanical oil pressure gauge installed.  But now we have another water pump leak and leak at the intake manifold.


Welcome!  This site started as a chronicle of my car's restoration.  Recently it has turned into a bit more....actually A LOT more.

You find here, the MOST EXTENSIVE on-line literature resource for the 79-86 Mercury Capri!  Brochures, Upholstery books, Data Fact Books and anything else I can lay my hands on can be found on this site!
2011-09-09 OMFG!  TWO Years without an update!  Well, it's a big one:  Console Restoration.
2009-07-13 YES!  Just got an update in before 2 years have gone by.  Added some Mexican Mustang pictures.
2007-08-18 Added the 1982 For Facts Organizer.  Added a couple of magazine articles.  One is Car Craft May 1986 and the other is Hot Rod july 1982.  Both are shootouts and decent reads.
2007-08-15 Completed the last batch of Fact books.  Added the 79 and 86 Advanced Fact Books....so now we have all the advanced books as well as the regular ones.
2007-05-18 Added a Paypal donation button to this page.  I figured since many people like the content on this site, it might defray some costs with it.  If you do donate, PLEASE donate only for the current information located here on the site.  Do not donate in hopes it will hasten updates to this site.  I cannot guarantee updates....my life is just way too busy.
2007-04-06August 1978 Road & Track and March 1981 Motor Trend Scanned in here.
2007-03-31August 1978 Popular Mechanics Turbo Article
Mustang Illustrated 1979 Mercury Capri article.
2007-03-26Scanned in the 1980 Advance Product Highlights Booklet!
2007-03-26 MAJOR UPDATE!  All the Canadian Capri Brochures have now been scanned in!  Check them out here!
2007-03-02 1984 SVO Brochure was sent to me and so I scanned it here!
2006-12-10 July 1 1985 Autoweek tiny asc advertisement.
A couple of Capri Tire Ads:  BF Goodrich, Firestone
Popular Cars March 1985 Capri Magazine Review
1985 Capri Convertible brochure.
2006-12-09 2006 Hemmings Motor News stumbles accross a very early 1985 ascMcLaren Coupe for sale.
2006-11-05 The 1980, 1981, and 1985 Advanced Product Fact Books are now scanned and uploaded.
2006-11-04 A couple of new Mercury Capri items scanned in.
    1983 Advanced Product Book
    1982 Mercury Ad Planner
2006-08-04 Found the last Salesman's Guide to finish the set.  1979 is now UP!
2006-02-25 1985 Capri Pizza Car:  1, 2, 3.  Read all magazine articles here.
2006-03-24 And even more scans
    1978 "Car Can Handle" ad: 1, 2, Alt 1 page ad
    Capri Slide Rule:  1, 2
    1978 "The sexy new Capri.  A miracle under $4700." ad:  1 page ad, Alt 2 page ad.
2006-03-22 And More Scans
    AHA Pony Car Capri Convertible Conversion: 1, 2, 3
    Lyn St James Promotional Photo Release
    November 1982 Canadian ad for a 1983 Bubble Back Capri
    1980 Capri RS Turbo Promotional Photo
    "Feeling Free with the Magic of Capri" Canadian Magazine Ad
2006-03-22 More scans:
    1981? Black Magic Magazine Ad
    1986 Canadian Lineup:  1, 2
    1981 Black Magic Postcard:  1, 2
2006-03-21 Added a few new scans:
    1978 Capri Photo Release
    1978 Capri Turbo RS Photo Release
    1984 Team ASC
    Hustlin Hillbilly
2005-10-17 Added 2 Magazine articles.  One on a 1979 Capri racer and a 1984 Capri with an EFI swap.
2005-10-17 Added a bunch of magazine ads.  I also scanned in the 1980 Motor Trend with the McLaren Mustang.

Added the 83 Turbo Capri Folder (tag and no-tag versions), 84 Turbo Capri Folder and the 1986 Capri 5.0L Info Card here.

2005-10-08 The 1982 ADVANCED Product Fact Book Pages for the Capri are now uploaded here.
2005-10-07 A HUUUGE update for MUSTANG fans.  The 79, 80 (and 85 from before) Mustang Product Fact sheets are now ONLINE!  HERE!
2005-09-29 SHEEESH!  FOUR months between updates!  No real updates to look at.  Currently the interior has been really gone over.  I have painted all plastic pieces, replaced the seatbelts, nuts, bolts, etc etc.  I need to get a new headliner and carpet.

Check out www.foureyedpride.com if you have not done so.  The BEST place for 79-86 Mustang and Capri information.

2005-05-28 Added a few things to the Mercury Capri magazine section.  1983 StrikeForce ad.  Motor Trend 1979 Road Test.  1978 Car Magazine (From BRITAIN!)   Also added the 1980 Value Package Folder to the Dealer only section.
2005-05-06 Added a BUNCH of dealer literature.  Product news, etc.  Also added a Hotrodding article from 1984 about dropping in a 351 in a Capri.  Also scanned in a Motor Trend article on the 1979 Capri Convertible made by AHA.
2005-05-05 Added the ascMcLaren article from the Feb 2005 Hemmings Muscle Machines Mag.
2005-04-09 Added some more POSTCARDS!
2005-04-05 Added a TON to the Capri magazine area.
2005-03-22 Added some info on Console Differences from 79-86.

I wrote up how I like to clean my door panels.  I think its good info.

2005-03-05 Wow!  2 Months with no updates.  Here are a few pics of some Build/Inspection forms Ford and asc used when building these cars.
2005-01-09 Added a "Progress/Project" page.  Just to show things that I do to the car as I restore it.
2004-12-23 Posted a few NC pics in the "Current State of the Coupe" page.
2004-12-06 WHEW!  Finally got ALL the Mercury Product Fact books scanned!  This marks a pretty cool milestone for this site and Capri enthusiasts.  Now for any year Capri, you can view the Upholstery Guide, Brochure, Product Fact Book and Salesman Pricing Guide (except 79)!
2004-12-05 Sandy Block sent me copies of EVERY Salesman Pocket Guide for 80-86.  I need to look out for 1979.
2004-11-28 Got the 1982, 83, 84 Mercury Product Facts Books scanned in.  The 1983 book has GREAT info on the Crimson Cat!
2004-11-12 Scanned in the 1986 Ford Model News on the Dealer Literature page.  I also scanned in the 1983 Motorsport Racing Brochure and 1986 Ford Cars and Trucks Brochure on the Customer/Sales Literature page.
2004-11-09 Scanned in the 1985 Ford Product Facts Book.  Has some cool Mustang Info.
2004-11-08 Scanned in the 1986 Product Facts Book.
2004-11-07 Scanned in the 1985 Mercury Product Facts Book here.
2004-10-12 Added some pics of my new rear speaker covers and hella fog light covers on the asc parts page.
2004-09-30 Moved a few things around the "Literature" section.  Added "Post Cards" and "Magazine" pages.  I scanned in a "Quicksilver" magazine ad and some Car and Driver reviews.
2004-09-29 Scanned in the Alpine radio brochure that Sandy sent me!  Check the bottom of this page!
2004-09-21 The new ascMcLaren forum is now up and running!

The site has been moved to a NEW SERVER!  600MB of ascMcLaren and Capri GOODNESS!

2004-08-16 Check the parts page for seatbelt stuff.
2004-08-09 Got to take a trip to NY this past week and visit the car.  Some new pics are here.
2004-07-22 Got a really cool item up.  A 1979 Mercury Product Fact book.  Check it out here.
2004-07-20 Got a 1984 Ford Motorsport Racing brochure.  Scanned it in here
2004-06-13 Pics of the final stages of body work are on the History page.  Now its starting to look like something!
2004-06-11 Whoohoo!  I've obtained the 79-82 Upholstery books and scanned them in.  Go to the Literature page to see them.
2004-06-01 I put up my pages of my sand blasting container.
2004-05-23 Got some pictures of the car after being painted blue and having the ground effects on it.  Boy there is SO much work left to be done.
2004-05-13 The literature sections are getting an overhaul.  Thumbnails are going in all around.
2004-05-08 I saw the car.  Its getting better but boy is there alot of work to be done.  Ground effects are on and the car is blue again.  Still an issue of the moulding paint.  Pics to come...
2004-05-02 Thumbnails have been added to the ascParts section.  Yay!   I broke up the Literature page into two parts: Literature and ascLiterature.  The latter has thumbnails!  Yay again!
2004-04-15 Got word that the car now runs!  The thing has been dissasembled so many times its a wonder that anything works anymore.
2004-04-13 Alot more stuff added to the Literature page.
2004-03-27 Sheesh!  Its been a month since I added anything.  Hopefully a few rare ascMcLaren literature scans can make up for it!  Go to the Literature page.
2004-02-26 Added the ascMcLaren front air dam installation document to the Literature page..
2004-01-26 Added four new magazine articles.
2004-01-25 Added some more engine parts to the Parts page.
2004-01-25 Added some new ascMcLaren parts pictures.  Rocker cover plugs/supports, wheel caps, radar detector and alpine amp.
2004-01-24 Added some 1979 dash hull picks and 1979 vs 1985 dash hull comparison pics on the Parts page.
2004-01-21 Added new pictures of the car as it sits in the body shop.  PROGRESS!
2004-01-20 Whew!  Reorganized the Parts page.  I wanted to get it categorized and in order befoe I added anything new.  I broke the part lists out like the ascParts page.
2004-01-20 Reorganized the ascParts page into Interior, Exterior and Chassis modification areas.  Added some new rows for parts I didn't know about (some little stuff).
2004-01-19 Between, the kids being sick and holidays and my uncle passing suddenly, I haven't had a moment to add anything to this site.  I have a few boxes of parts to photograph plus a few pictures from the body shop!  I also have to reorganize some pages and scan in more brochures.  I hope to have all 79-86 Capri Brochures up soon.
2003-10-29 Masi is working on the car(s).  Hopefully we can get a few pics.
2003-10-02 Added the 1986 Capri Brochure and the 1985 Mercury Ad Planner to the literature page.  FINALLY everything that I have is scanned in.
2003-09-31 Added the 1986 Mustang Brochure to the literature page.  The 1986 Capri one will be up soon!  Also organized the literature page a bit.
2003-09-28 Added the Jan 85 Autoweek article and a few more tidbits to the literature page.
2003-09-27 Added a bunch of magazine articles about ascMcLarens to the literature page.
2003-09-26 Added the 1983 Color and Upholstery Book to the literature page.
2003-09-25 The donor car has been STRIPPED!  Now its off to the body shop to be with the asc.
2003-09-21 Added the 1986 AND 1984 Color and Upholstery scans to the literature page.
2003-09-19 Pics of the donor car are here!  DISASSEMBLY TIME!!!!!
2003-09-18 The donor car has been retrieved and its at the body shop.  Its a rust free 4cyl 84.  Pics soon I hope.
2003-09-11 Got a donor car lined up now for the road pig.  BTW, God bless America on this infamous day.
2003-08-29 Yet more parts listed.  Note the comparison of the Repro and NOS dash pad.
2003-08-27 Got out another box and put more stuff on the Parts page at the bottom.
2003-08-23 Put yet more stuff on the Parts page at the bottom.
2003-08-22 Fixed two of the 84 Capri Bochure pics.  I forgot to knit a few together.
2003-08-21 Added the 1984 Capri Brochure to the literature page.
2003-08-12 Added a Capri GS "Loaded For Less" mailer to the literature page.
2003-08-11 The car went to Masi's Auto Body in St. Johnsville, NY.
2003-08-10 Put in some more stuff on the Parts page at the bottom.
2003-08-09 Put in some stuff on the Parts page at the bottom.  I think I may want to reorder some stuff...maybe use a "New" icon to show new stuff instead of always sticking it at the bottom.
2003-07-19 I think that the scanning will never stop.  My stuff to scan is stacking up.  Added the 1992 Collectible Automobile October article to the literature page.  (Note to self:  Navigating the articles sucks. I need to put in "next" links...or have pages with thumbnails and a frame....hmmmm...)
2003-06-30 Added 1984 ascMcLaren Coupe and Convertible brochures to the literature page.
2003-06-24 Added the 1985 Capri Owner's manual and 1985 Build sheet to the literature page.
2003-06-20 Added the 1985 Ford Mustang Brochure pics on the  literature page.
2003-06-16 Added the all important Links page.
2003-06-15 Added some new pics of the car before it went to the body shop.  Also added a few parts to the Parts and ascParts pages.
2003-05-21 Added the 1985 Mercury Capri Brochure pics on the  literature page.
2003-05-15 The pig goes into the body shop 5/19/03!!!
2003-05-14 Added the Current State page.
2003-05-13 Added the ascMcLaren Coupe and History pages.
2003-05-11 I think I got the home page to a point that it will be ok for a bit.
2003-05-07 New graphics!  Nifty new front page!
2003-05-01 Parts, ascMcLaren Parts and Literature pics were added here and there.

After much agonizing, I settled on the name ascMcLarenCoupe.com and registered it!  Contenders were "ascMclarenRoadPig", "PopsicleOrangeBlueCoupe" or "ascMcLarenMoneyPit".