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 79-86 Glove Box Lock 

Please excuse the low quality of some of the pictures.  I had to try to use fairly high compression to keep the size of this site under control. Please be helpful and send comments here.

Glove Box Lock Disassembly

I'm going to break down the glove box lock for the 79-86 Mustang/Capri.  I know the early locks/glove boxes (79-83?) are a little different but I think the same basic approach applies.

Step 1:  Remove the glove box from the car. (duh!)

Step 2:  While turning the inside cylinder housing clockwise, push in the little "buttons" on either side of the outer lock cylinder/housing. (see image)  Do one side and then the other.

Step 3:  Turn the inside lock latch housing ninety degrees clockwise.

Step 4: WITH THE KEY IN THE LOCK wiggle and pull the latch housing out.  You should be left with a smaller lower portion of the latch housing on the inside and the key cylinder.

Step 5:  Looking inside the lower latch housing, you should be able to see one of the "tumblers" (the brass/copper colored "blades") inside preventing the cylinder from being removed.  Grab a knife and push it down into the cylinder.  At the same time, pull the lower latch housing up.

Step 6:  With the cylinder out, you see the tumblers/blades.  You can remove the key from the cylinder and they come right out (WATCH OUT FOR THE TINY ASS SPRINGS!).  If you have a key that doesn't work, you can find a few old glove box locks and get the tumblers/blades from them.  Mix and match until you have the cylinder such that when the key is inserted, they all pull down flat to the cylinder (except for the first one which is the one you had to push down in Step 5, it has an open bottom compared to the others).|

Step 7:  Put the lower latch/cylinder housing in the inside of the glove box.  Seat it with the grooves.  There is something of a slot on one side.  Place that vertical slot on the left side of the glove box.

Step 8:  Point the tip of the latch/housing toward the bottom of the glove box as you place it over the lower part of the housing.

Step 9:  Turn the latch counter clockwise until it clicks into place.

Step 10:  With the key in the cylinder, put the cylinder back in from the front .  The tumbler nearest the key (which will be sticking up) should face left to go in the groove of the lower latch housing.  Push it all the way in and turn the cylinder.  It should be locked into place.