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This should be a quick topic.  It comes up enough and I think that it warrants a quick write up.  When I clean my interior pieces, I grab 2 things:

Simple Green                  Castrol Super Clean

First comes the Simple Green.  This stuff is awesome!  You can get out just about any stain.  I use the automotive stuff  (It works so well I didn't even bother with the household version).  I use it inside the house on carpets and everywhere.  Forget Woolite Heavy Traffic Carpet Cleaner, it's got nothing on Simple Green.

Start with Simple Green and spray it on the offending area.  Work it in with a stiff brush or sponge.  I have found that if you use a sponge with the green scrubbie....the scrubbie can help...but leaves a green tinge to the material behind.  This is cleanable later but I would suggest against using the green scrubbies.  Call me racist but other colored scrubbies seem to not have this problem.  One thing I found that works GREAT for working Simple Green into the stain is the scrubber doohickey that pops off the side of a jug of GoJo (another KICK ASS PRODUCT).  It has nice long penetrating prongs but they are not sharp enough to cause any damage whatsoever.

Once rubbed in, if the stain is gone, you can suck away the excess with that amazing invention called TOILET PAPER.  They don't tout its SUPER ABSORBENCY for nothing!  Try it sometime, the stuff sucks moisture right up and out of most materials.

OK, so the stain is being a PITA.  Grab the big guy....Castrol Super Clean.  This guy should be diluted 50/50 with water.  Its pretty strong stuff.  However, most carpet and upholstery will stand up to to if for some reason you have to go full strength.

PLEASE NOTE:  Using your hands to work this stuff DIRECTLY into the material with your skin is asking for a CHEMICAL BURN.  The Simple Green mostly dries out my hands but the Super Clean lightly burns the outside to where they peel like a sun burn in 2 days.

Ok, on to the fun stuff....some pictures of a passenger side door panel I got off from Ebay (got the SET for $70 shipped, HAH!)

Here is the door panel.  It is nearly perfect, no scratches, tears, holes, etc.  The only problem is DIRT, a slight crease in the front trim of the carpet (not cracked though) and a slight curl to the front corner.  This panel is a good candidate for a web review because that crease should prove that I didn't do a "switcheroo" on you.


As you can see from the following picture the corner has some HEAVY dirt...oh wait...that's not dirt!  That's some !@#$!@#$ paint or glue or something!  or varnish or some crap!  It has hardened the carpeting almost like somebody burned it!  Ok ok...lets not panic.

The Basic Order of operation went as follows:

Extra Steps:




There is still a slight blemish on the outside trim.  I think that has me beat.  I cleaned and cleaned and even used a dab of lacquer thinner but its in there GOOD.  Its not very noticeable at all but if I went and got a $5 can of light grey interior paint, I bet I could cover it easily.

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