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 Here you will find the MOST customer and dealer literature for the 79-86 Mercury Capri! (some Mustang lit too!) 

Please excuse the low quality of some of the pictures.  I had to try to use fairly high compression to keep the size of this site under control. Please be helpful and send comments here.

Capri Customer and Dealer Literature

Did you ever want to know why your car has such crazy options?  or how much did it cost when new? or what the interior code means? or why does your car have 1979 Pace Car seats?

is the place to look! 
You will find 99% of all your questions answered.  Start with the brochures, then head down to the upholstery books and then the product fact books.  Do you still have something that doesn't mesh?  Drop me a line!

Capri Brochures: 1979-1986

These brochures were handed out by the dealer to prospective customers.  They are great  reference points but with a few discrepencies here and there.

Canadian Brochures: 1979-1986

These were an eye opener when I got a hold of them.  There are many MANY subtle differences between Canadian and US Capris.

Dealer Upholstery Books: 1979-1982

Upholstery books are AWESOME!  Not only do they have samples of all the fabrics and colors, but there are breakdowns of trim levels with codes for the interior AND exterior.

Dealer Upholstery Books: 1983-1986

From about 1983 Ford dropped the number of upholstery options substantially.  Gone were the days where you could choose from 20 different styles and colors.

Product Fact Books: 1979-1982

These are the books which the dealer would show the customer in trying to determine what options to choose.  These are absolutely vital in understanding what was available certain years.

Product Fact Books: 1983-1986

Again, various facts and figures on options and trim levels.  The interesting items to look for are changes from the advance editions to the later ones.

Salesman Guides: 1979-1986

These guides list the prices, codes and availability for every option available to the Capri.  The years 79-86 are within.  All information was provided by Sandy Block!

Dealer Only Literature: 1979-1986

Factory and sales literature that was only available to dealers at the time.  Photos, ads, pricing comparisons, etc. 

Customer/Sales Literature

Anything that was made to market to the customer is found here.  Flyers, ads, etc.

Post Cards

There are a fair number of postcards out there for the 79-86 Capris.  Here are a few I have gotten.

Magazine Ads and Articles

Advertisements and any Capri specific Magazine articles that I have run across.

Capri Images

Images of Capris.  Crimson Cat, Turbo RS, Black/White Magic, etc etc....

Mexican Mustang Images

Often mistaken for Capris or bastardized Mustangs, these cars were delivered to Mexico in various flavors.


Everything else that didn't seem to fall into the above categories.  Build sheet, window sticker, Owner's manual, etc.


Mustang Literature

I have also picked up a few pieces of Mustang literature.  1980 Magazine Article on the upcoming McLaren Mustang.  85-86 Brochures, 1981 McLaren Mustang, etc.

Ford Mustang Product Fact Books!

79, 80, 81, 83, 85 Ford Mustang Product Fact Books!  It's amazing what you can get on Ebay for $4!