Well, here it is!  The Good, Bad and the Ugly!

As you can see it has been a loooong long road to recovery.  The first batch of pictures are hideous.  This car (barely) survived a collision with a tree and you're not even seeing it at its WORST.  I don't even know if I have pictures of it at that stage.

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Prior to Body Shop Pics
  These pictures are after I had some guy try his hand at repairing the damage on the cheap.  The roof had been badly replaced.  Nothing fit or lined up correctly.

Pictures Descriptions
Front pictures.
Exterior shots of the entire car.
  Close ups of the badly fitting roof and doors.
A few more side shots, including the hatch.
  Door Tag!  The tag was removed prior to painting.  I am going to try and get a new tag made.

Donor Car Pics
At this point, the body guy told me the car may not be salvageable.  We had to track down a donor Capri to replace the roof and rear quarters from the previous repairs.  The 4cyl donor car was straight and rust free with nary an accident...just what the body man ordered.

Pictures Descriptions
    The money shot.  :-)
Exterior Shots
Interior Shots
Engine Bay Shots
A few other pics.

Body Shop Pics
The MAJOR body work had been completed at this stage.  There were some problems with the trim.  The trim was first painted the correct Charcoal Grey but came out WAY FLAT!  So the trim was clear coated and looks better.  A little too shiny.  The mirrors, mouldings and stripes (and WING) have all been installed and now the car looks ALOT less like a shell.

Pictures Descriptions
    Here is the ascMcLaren sitting at Masi's.  Note the red door.  This was replaced after my accident.  This door is not from the current donor car.
The asc is getting disassembled and ready for the rotisserie and a ground up resto for the body.  Note the red stripe that was under the moulding.  Evidence of the FIRST rear end replacement done due to the accident of a previous owner in Florida.
  Major Body Work has been completed!  Note that the doors now FIT!  Dad says everything is straight and true and SOLID!  ALL rust has been removed.
These pictures are after the ground effects and the exterior is painted.  The charcoal trim was not finished.
    Engine bay.
The trim has been painted and clear coated, the side mouldings installed and the stripes put on.  Also the quarter black out windows are installed.

Pics at my Parents, Almost Ready to go to NC!
Some quick shots in NY before heading South.

Pictures Descriptions
Finally, got some refurbished WHEELS on the car!
Overall the car looks great.  There are still some problems with the trim to address...as well as figuring out why the ass sits so high....I suppose the asc springs are no longer there.

In my garage in North Carolina!

Pictures Descriptions

These were taken after the rear springs were swapped out for the correct asc ones.  The back isn't nearly as high.

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