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 79-86 Center Console Restoration 

Please excuse the low quality of some of the pictures.  I had to try to use fairly high compression to keep the size of this site under control. Please be helpful and send comments here.

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Part 6:  Brackets and Bezels, Oh My!

Disconnect the large bracket from the wiring harness.  You'll need to push the harness clip out through the hold it is attached to in the bracket or pull with a pair of pliers while twisting (see red arrow).  You'll also have to do this for the small bracket holding the 3 wiring harness connectors in the back of the console.

That's one RUSTY bracket!!!

Get a brass wire wheel for your drill.  Get many sizes.  Get some wire brushes for your dremel too.  Clamp the bracket in a vise and go to town on it.

You should be able to pretty much get it down to bare metal and nice and shiny.  For the hard to reach places use the dremel.  Then I primered the brackets and prepared them for paint. 

Technically the brackets are natural or maybe zinc coated.  So you could use a clear on it.  Since these are out of the way and I wanted to make sure they shouldn't rust again, I decided to paint them black.  Plust I think it looks better...not that anyone will see it.

I used the same process on the rear ash tray and the bracket that holds the console pad to the console hull.

I also cleaned the information center bezel and the automatic shifter bezel (same guy who had the console pad latch parts had the shifter bezel too).  Those were sprayed with adhesion promoter instead of primer.

Then everything was coated with Eastwood's Underhood Black.  Good stuff.

As you can see I also sprayed the front ash tray panel and the rear ash tray.  Stay tuned for those parts where I  work on those items.

In Conclusion:

Quick and easy with a wire brush and a dremel.

Part 7: Is it Ash Tray or Ashtray?