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 79-86 Center Console Restoration 

Please excuse the low quality of some of the pictures.  I had to try to use fairly high compression to keep the size of this site under control. Please be helpful and send comments here.

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Part 2:  WHERE THE #$!*#@$% DID MY PICTURES GO???

Somehow I have no pictures of the disassembly and clean up.  I have no idea how/where they went.  My camera just ate them.  I have pictures before the clean up and pictures after...but the results of the clean up are MIA.  I'm writing this after I completely finished the project, so I can't go back and take some pics.


Here's what we're going to do.  I can at least disassemble the console again.

To completely disassemble the console, you need exactly 2 tools.  Wait, make that 3.

A phillips head screwdriver and a 90 degree phillips head screwdriver and a cordless drill.  The only reason you need a 90 degree phillips is for the black hard rubber catch on the console.  The previous owner painted it GREY, because, you know...taping off parts before painting is obviously for SISSIES.  So it had to come off and be stripped of paint.  The cordless drill is for the rear ash tray housing which is riveted on (see Part 8)

Start by removing the shifter bezel.  Pull up on the front, being careful of those tabs that stick into the console and then pull it forward to remove it completely.

Remove the console pad/lid.  Remove the screws holding the metal bracket on the console.

Then remove the metal bracket from the console pad.

There is a metal plate sandwich between the console and the pad bracket which covers the rear ash tray from the inside.  Pull the bottom towards the front of the console, let it tip over, fall in and then lift it out.

Remove the screws on the top of the coin tray. 

Pull up on the coin tray, try not to break the plastic tabs sticking down in the middle and at the front.  The middle plastic tabs were already broken off on this unit.  They really do NOT affect the coin tray as it's the screws at the top and the front tabs that really hold it in place. 

Remove the Console Pad Catch with the 90 degree Philips head screwdriver.

Open the ash tray door and remove the ash tray.

Remove the two screws on either side of the ash tray.  Lift the ash tray housing up and out...not too far.  You have to pop the wiring off the end of the cigarette lighter before removing the housing completely (or disconnect the lighter from the bottom of the console first).

Remove the top screw.  Flip over the console.  Remove the wiring harness bracket at the front of the console.

Remove all four screws holding the information center, status model and information center black bezel together. 

Set the bezel aside, let the status module and clock dangle from the large metal bracket and flip the console back over.

Remove the 4 screws holding the bracket that sits under the ash tray.  Set the whole thing (bracket, harness, module, clock) aside.

We are left with a shell.

So after the console is completely disassembled.  The first thing to do was to clean the console hull.

    <-- Your friend.

You need simple green.  It cuts through all the nasty things.  Take the console to a bath tub.  Spray it down and scrub like heck.  Use this:

A brass brush will NOT harm a console you intend to repaint.  It will however agressively go after red and grey paint that a previous owner sprayed on.  If after, scrubbing and scrubbing with simple green, the old paint won't come off, just leave it.  If it sticks hard, it'll stay stuck.  Keep cleaning until the parts are squeeky clean.  The brass brush leaves us a nice finely scuffed hard plastic surface for painting.

Part 3: Zombie Console Pad!